Stray Kids ROCK STAR: Stays at No. 1 on Billboard

Stray Kids ROCK STAR: Stays at No. 1 on Billboard

Hey, fans of Stray Kids ROCK-STAR! Hold on tight, because we have great news for you. Stray Kids, the K-pop star you love, is back in the spotlight with their new mini album “ROCK-STAR,” which has been number one on Billboard’s World Albums chart for three weeks in a row!

Stray Kids ROCK STAR: The Strong “ROCK-STAR”

Stray Kids ROCK STAR: Stays at No. 1 on Billboard

After being out for a little over a month, “ROCK-STAR” is showing that it’s not just a short-term hit, but a real force to be reckoned with. According to a recent report from Billboard, the mini album has once again taken the top spot on the World Albums chart, making it its third successful comeback. This song “ROCK-STAR” doesn’t seem ready to give up its throne!

Stray Kids ROCK STAR: A Billboard Gold Mine!

But wait, there’s more to this story of success. In its sixth week on the prestigious Billboard 200 list, “ROCK-STAR” is still making waves at No. 41, which shows how popular it is. Not only that, but the record also got to number six on the Top Current record Sales chart and number seven on the Top Album Sales chart. Also, guess what? It was number one on all three charts when it first came out last month! It’s great that “ROCK-STAR” has stayed popular for so long.

Tastemaker Triumph Keeps Going!

“ROCK-STAR” isn’t happy with just getting back to the top; it’s also making moves on the Tastemaker Albums chart. This week, it made an amazing comeback at No. 20, proving once again that it is a favorite among music critics. The album’s return is not only a big deal because it topped the charts; it also shows how popular Stray Kids’ music is.

Stray Kids ROCK STAR: Stray Kids Rise to the Top of the Charts!

The party doesn’t end there, though. There are more and more stray kids. Stray Kids are now at No. 40 on Billboard’s Artist 100. This is their 46th week on the chart total. This honor isn’t just for an album; it’s a thank you for Stray Kids’ amazing ability and consistency.

Thank you very much, Stray Kids!

Let’s give Stray Kids a round of applause for this amazing achievement! Being No. 1 on the World Albums chart for three weeks in a row is a big deal, and it gets all the praise. Stray Kids, your fans are right there with you, cheering you on. Your hard work and commitment are clear.

Stray Kids aren’t just a group in the fast-paced world of K-pop; they’re real “ROCK-STARS”! Now let’s see more weeks of Stray Kids’ music being at the top of the charts and taking the world by storm! Stray Kids, keep rocksin’—you deserve it!