The Astrowarden: How to master Yve

The Astrowarden: How to master Yve

In Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, there is a purple cosmic warrior called Yve who is also known as the Astrowarden. We’ll talk about the best Yve build, skills, symbol, and combos in this guide, so you’ll be ready to go in the Land of Dawn.

The Astrowarden: Yve’s Magical Arsenal: A Look at His Skills

Ultimate: Real World Manipulation:

The Real World Manipulation is Yve’s signature move, and it spreads a starfield for 15 seconds. To hit up to 15 times during this time, tap and slide the screen. Remember that sliding does damage over time and slows you down, while tapping gives a stronger blow. The key to success is getting good at the combination of tapping and moving.

The Astrowarden: Passive: Galactic Power:

Yve gets Galactic Power when her first and second skills do damage. During Real World Manipulation, this passive skill lets her tap or slide more often. Yve gets stronger as more Galactic Power stacks on top of her.

First skill: Void Blast:

Yve’s main skill. It explodes Galactic Energy, which hurts foes with magic. If you hit an enemy hero in the middle, the timer for the skill goes down. To get the most out of this skill, cast it by hand to bother enemies in the lane and clear waves of minions.

The Astrowarden: Yve’s second skill is Void Crystal.

Void crystal that hurts enemies nearby with magic. When the crystal is used again, it sends energy in a certain way, slowing enemies down and dealing damage over time. For best effects, cast this skill by hand, like how you would move Benedetta’s ultimate.

  • Mastering the Mini-Game: Tricks for Manipulating Things in Real Life
  • Always cast by hand to place the starfield carefully.
  • For good combos, use both hitting and sliding.
  • Sliding on enemies will slow them down, and hitting on them will kill them.
  • Pay attention to the 7×7 grid area that the starfield covers.
  • If you need to, you can cancel the ultimate by hitting “Cancel Cast.”
  • Her ultimate can only be cancelled by Kaja, Franco, and Barats.
  • Yve is affected by crowd control, but her ultimate will still work.

Strategies: Battle Spell and Emblem Set Recommendation

Recommended Battle Spell: Flameshot is the usual choice and helps you kill enemies quickly early on. You can also get away with flicker. Pick based on how you like to play.

Recommended Emblem Set: The Mage Emblem will help Yve’s ability to poke and kite. You can choose Agility to move faster, Observation to see through magic, or Magic Worship to deal more burn damage.

To sum up, if you learn Yve’s skills and how to use Real World Manipulation correctly, you can become a powerful Astrowarden in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. Get ready to take over the BETSLOT Land of Dawn! Put on Flameshot and the Mage Emblem.