Chillin' with Arnold Schwarzenegger Family: Post-Christmas Fun!

Chillin’ with Arnold Schwarzenegger Family: Post-Christmas Fun!

Arnold Schwarzenegger and his crew are still making people feel like it’s Christmas, even after Christmas. Arnold’s son Patrick shared a picture on Instagram, and it has a warm, holiday vibe. Imagine that everyone is wearing black sunglasses that match and have cool patchwork on them. That’s what I call a chilled-out, happy group!

The Cool Arnold Schwarzenegger Group

You may be wondering who is in this stylish group. Yes, we do. Along with Arnold Schwarzenegger, we have Chris Pratt, our son Christopher, and the star of the show, Patrick, who is 30 years old. Arnold’s youngest son, 26-year-old Joseph Baena, didn’t make it into this picture, though.

Patrick makes the post more fun by adding a text graphic that reads “Chad, Brad, Thad, Trent.” It’s like he’s giving us a sneak peek into how fun the family is, which makes the picture even cuter.

Patrick’s party for getting engaged!

Wait a minute! Patrick isn’t just having a good time this holiday season. He just told everyone that he is going to marry his longtime girlfriend, Abby Champion. Get ready for some shocking news. Patrick told everyone about it in a tweet on Tuesday. What about the pictures? Oh, those pictures of the couple kissing, hugging, and cutting a cake while a beach in the background makes my heart melt.

The sweet caption, “Forever and ever,” made fans and family very happy. Along with a picture of himself and Abby when they were younger, Patrick adds to the excitement by writing, “Two little kiddos falling in love.”

Watch out for a love story!

Allow us to talk about the love story that began in 2016. From the beginning, Patrick and Abby couldn’t be apart. From their social media posts, it looks like they have a great, strong, and helpful relationship.

The news that they were getting married made everyone very excited, especially Patrick’s mom, Maria Shriver. The 68-year-old author put pictures of them on Instagram and wrote a heartfelt message about how happy she was.

“They support each other, love each other, and cheer each other on.” They support, talk to, and cheer for each other all the time. “Their love is beautiful to see,” Shriver gushed, filled with joy and pride.

She ends her message by wishing the couple all the best for the future: “I’m so happy for them, for their now, and for their future!”

Love, family, and fun times

The engagement of Patrick and the family’s get-together after Christmas remind us of the magic of family, love, and celebrating life’s special moments. Cheers to Patrick and Abby as they start this new and exciting journey together! Everyone is excited to hear about the next adventure of the charismatic Arnold Schwarzenegger family!